E. EXCEL is proud to be the frontrunner in the field of Nutritional Immunology. Since Dr. Jau-Fei Chen founded E. EXCEL in 1987, the company has grown swiftly and shows no signs of stopping! At E. EXCEL we promote the science of Nutritional Immunology and spread its life-changing benefits to as many people as possible. To understand E. EXCEL, it’s important to understand what drives us:


At E. EXCEL we aim to share the gift of health and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology with the world. We are guiding the world to better health through progressive research, quality manufacturing, innovative whole food products, and an unsurpassed business opportunity.

The science of Nutritional Immunology is designed to protect and support the body’s best defense: the immune system. By providing products made from nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients that may be unavailable to the average consumer, E. EXCEL progresses in our mission of creating a disease-free world.

E. EXCEL’s Distributors are what make us successful. These individuals dedicated to sharing the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology and changing the lives around them strengthen our successful business model. Our quality products, not only improve their health, but also provide an opportunity for an amazing career!