Congratulations winners!

Congratulations to these E. Excellers who harnessed 1-SHAPE’s fiber-rich psyllium husk, nutritious soy protein, and energy-boosting American ginseng to reach their weight management goals. Paired with the four tenants of Nutritional Immunology: eat healthy, sleep well, exercise regularly, and reduce stress, it’s not surprise that they achieved such amazing results!

1st Prize Winner

Allen Huang

Flushing, NY

iPad Mini 3 + $500 E. EXCEL product voucher

2nd Prize Winners

Xue Chen Weng

Brooklyn, NY

Smart Watch + $250 E. EXCEL product voucher

Xiu Zhu Chen

Flushing, NY

Smart Watch + $250 E. EXCEL product voucher

3rd Prize Winners

FitBit fitness wristband + $100 E. EXCEL product voucher

Shirley Leung - Richmond Hill, ON

Hong Lu - Toronto, ON

Chu Bing Low - Alpharetta, GA

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Stay tuned for more information and inspiring stories from this year's winners.