Congratulations, 1-SHAPE Challenge Winners!

A combination of three factors - percentage of weight lost, quality of before and after pictures, and 1-SHAPE experience story - determined the winners. In the Team category, these three factors also applied; however, the judges used the team's percentage of weight lost and the combined quality of all team members' pictures, along with a story from the team. If only one team story was submitted, it was used. In cases where each team member submitted a story, the best story from the team was used to represent the entire team.

Grand Prize Winners


Team Winners


From 11
to 77,
1-SHAPE contenders GAINED
so much while they lost weight with

Grand Prize winners each receive a 42mm Apple Watch Sport Edition in the color of their choice.

Distributor Chu Bing Low, Alpharetta, GA
(read his story!)

Diamond Ambassador, Jerry Lu, Flushing, NY
(read his story!)

Distributor, Hong Lu, Toronto, ON
(read her story!)

Grand Prize:  Team Xiuyu Ren
     Xiuyu Ren, Vincent Chen, Yimei Chen and Lifu Ren

Grand Prize winning team members each receive 42mm Apple Watch Sport Edition in the color of their choice.

Second Prize winning team members each receive a box of Millennium Powdered Beverage Gold Edition.

Third Prize winning team members each receive a box of Millennium.

2nd Prize:  Core Team
Li Chun Chen, Che Hsiang Lin, Kenneth Lee

3rd Prize (tie):  Cheng Wen Zheng Team
Cheng Wen Zheng, Mei Yu Zheng, Qiu Yan You, Danyun Pan

3rd Prize (tie):  HHHH'O Team
     Pei Pei Huang, Emily Hsu, Wenlan Hu, Qi Lan Guan

E. EXCEL has helped me in so many ways, school, growth, etc. But, it especially helped me with my weight. Once the 1-SHAPE Challenge started, I was determined to win. Throughout the contest, I became more aware of what I ate and how much I needed E. EXCEL. And not only did I get skinnier but I also felt healthier. E. EXCEL has done something for me that I couldn’t do myself.
— Vincent Chen
I want to share 1-SHAPE with everyone. I know, because of my age, I cannot lose much weight, but I wanted to challenge myself. E. EXCEL products make me feel so great. They give me a healthy and happy life. I believe that if I continue taking E. EXCEL products, my life will stay healthy and happy. I will always use the products!
— Master Hao Chen

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