1-SHAPE Challenge Packages Available
ONLY in April 2017!

Team Leaders, if your team members include those trying E. EXCEL for the first time, be sure to purchase their Challenge Packs for them as well, or tell them about the Healthy Weight Management Excelerator Pack! Once all your team members have received the 1-SHAPE product of their choice and are ready to start, complete your team's registration form and get your 30 Strong & Fit 1-SHAPE Challenge started! Good luck, and remember, the weight your team loses is only 1/3rd of your total score, so make sure your pictures and stories are the best! 1-SHAPE is not just about losing weight, but about maintaining your health and living strong and fit!

Distributors may purchase 1-SHAPE packs for this  special price online in EVO or by phone at 800-733-3744.

1-SHAPE Challenge Packs are available while supplies last in April 2017;
transferrable as a set only; does not apply to CV Promotions in April. 

View the 1-SHAPE Challenge Rules.