Winners announced July 17, 2017

BONUS Lucky Draws Weekly!

Just complete your Weekly Tracker to be entered!

Every Monday, three (3) lucky challengers will be drawn from the ranks of those team members whose leader completed their Weekly Tracker form the previous week. You have an opportunity to win E. EXCEL products each week when your team's weekly tracker form is submitted! Prizes will change every week. 

View the 1-Shape Challenge Rules.


1 First Prize winning team will receive 42mm Apple Watch 2 Nike Edition for each member of the team in their choice of available colors.

1 Second Prize winning team will receive 1 box of Millennium plus an E. EXCEL 30 Strong sports bag for each member of the team.

1 Third Prize winning team will receive three boxes of 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite (their choice) for each member of the team.



Everyone who completes the Challenge is a winner!

You worked hard and accomplished something for yourself, and we think you should be rewarded!

All participants who complete all the requirements for the full 8-week Challenge will be placed in a random drawing for ten (10) exciting E. EXCEL-branded prizes! When you complete the contest, you have a chance to win a prize!