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The following winners of the Top 20 Stories receive their choice of either a black, E. EXCEL, Prada-style bag or a box of Millennium.

Minmin Peng, Mississauga, ON

Dorothy Lai, Richmond, BC

Hong Chen, Bradenton, FL

Xiaoyan Zhang, Paterson, NJ

Lixian Huang, Flushing, NY

Danyun Pan, Woodside, NY

Xing Yuan, Daphne, AL

Yaomei Liu,  Flushing, NY

Yu Wu, Black River, NY

Yueqiu Yu, Corona, NY

Chu Bing Low, Alpharetta, GA

Mei Yu Zheng, West Chester, PA

Mei Ya Wang, Shelburne, VT

Shaojun Jiang, Elmhurst, NY

Meiyu Li, Flushing, NY

Junying Qu, Toronto, ON

Margaret C. Cheng, Bowie, MD

Hongying Zhang, Whitestone, NY

Xiu E Qiu, Flushing, NY

Xuehong Chen, Raleigh, NC

1-SHAPE is my daily food. It keeps my digestive system healthy, makes me fit, and also makes my skin look great!
— Hong Chen
1-SHAPE is different from other weight control products. It’s natural and healthy.
— Mei Ya Wang
1-SHAPE made me feel full of energy, even after I worked more than 10 hours!
— Xiaoyan Zhang
I’m so lucky I met E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology. After drinking 1-SHAPE, I can see the change in my skin and digestion. It gave me energy,
and I have confidence in myself and my life now.
— Mei Yu Zheng
If you want to be pretty and healthy, drink 1-SHAPE with me! Cheers!
— Yao Mei Liu

This year's Always 1-SHAPE Best You competition was very successful! We had hundreds sign up, and many who completed the competition--sending in amazing stories about their lives and 1-SHAPE. We'll be featuring these stories on this page in the weeks to come. Keep watching to read about the participants experiences during the competition.