Announcing the 1-SHAPE Challenge 30 Strong and Fit Winners for 2017!

First Place Team

Team:  Lose to Win
Team Leader:  Susan Chan
Team Members:  Tony Lau, Kenny Chan, Bobby Cheung

They each win a 42mm Apple Watch 2 Nike Edition in their choice of color!

The Lose To Win Story, as told by Tony Lau.

Our team had four members, all of them family. Since we learned of Dr. Chen’s healthy concepts, we understand that fat or obesity is a problem, so we shared these healthy concepts with family members and the people around us. However, our family runs a few restaurants, so every day we can eat very well! Before, we thought that eating this good was a lucky thing, but since we learned Nutritional Immunology, we really understood that it was not healthy. E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE Challenge was just what we needed.

At the beginning of the eight weeks, I took two 1-SHAPE packets before morning, noon, and evening meals, and naturally, I ate less at the actual meal. In the first two weeks, I lost 5 pounds. The next two weeks, I lost 4 more pounds. This change of mine really affected my team members. I happily shared my story with them. I really enjoyed every day. I felt that life was really easy and at the same time, I fell in love with 1-SHAPE’s taste. At six weeks, I lost 8 more pounds, and by the end of the challenge, I lost more than 20 pounds! Altogether, my team lost 62 pounds. We lost 8.37% of our combined weight. This result was brilliant! It surprised all of us! Now we are decreasing the amount of meat and seafood we eat. If you ask me how I did this, or how three big men did this, it’s because we believe E. EXCEL products are the best and most effective products. We did it! You can do it, too!

Second Place Team

Team:  SSMay
Team Leader:  Demin Dong
Team Member:  Danhong Chen

They each win 1 box of Millennium plus an E. EXCEL 30 Strong sports bag!

May Dong's Story

There are no fat people in the world, only lazy people! In just six months, with no exercise, not watching my diet, and not taking 1-SHAPE, my weight climbed from 125 to 140! My pants were getting tighter and tighter. It didn’t matter what kind of clothes I wore, I didn’t look good. I decided I needed to lose weight.

So, thank you, E. EXCEL, for holding the 1-SHAPE Challenge in April. I could not wait to join this 1-SHAPE Challenge contest. From the beginning, 20-30 minutes before every meal I took 1-SHAPE, and also at the same time I exercised four days a week and watched my diet. I ate less greasy and high calorie foods as well. Every day my breakfast was Nutrifresh and 1-SHAPE, and I drank six bags of Refresh each day. Thirty minutes before lunch, I took Nutrifresh and 1-SHAPE, and for dinner I had two packets of 1-SHAPE instead of a meal. The soy protein in 1-SHAPE helped me look firm, and surprised me every week. In eight weeks I lost 12 pounds successfully. Now my tummy isgone!

Danhong Chen's Story

My best friend complimented me for being in shape again!  When she first saw me after five months, she said, "Wow, you lost weight!"  I was thrilled because she is very honest, she wouldn’t say it if she didn't mean it.  I was 120 pounds through high school and college. Then I started a family! I gained 15 pounds with each child, and I have two kids!  My weight stayed stubbornly at 150 pound.  I tried to cut down my portions, but I was hungry and felt lethargic all the time. I gave myself excuses to eat and stay inactive. Finally nothing in my closet would fit me.  

Fortunately I met May, who introduced me to E. EXCEL and 1-SHAPE.  It turned my life around.  I started to eat less but felt full and energized.  May also pushed me into signing up for a one-year gym membership with her. We motivated each other through this challenge.  I lost 8 pounds, although I feel I have lost more much than that. I feel confident if I continue taking 1-SHAPE three times a day before my meals, I can lose even more. I didn't just lose weight, I gained friendship!

Third Place Team

Team:  My Love 1-SHAPE
Team Leader:  Cheng Wen Zheng
Team Members: Xiang Xi Wang, Cheng ZhengWen Shu Zheng

They each win three boxes of their choice of 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite!

Our Story by Cheng Wen Zheng

Our team consisted of a bunch of eaters! Normally, even if we don’t want to go out and eat some big meal, we cannot avoid it. There are a lot of social affairs to attend that you cannot avoid, especially during this 1-SHAPE Challenge! Even in this situation, we still had some good results. It’s a small success, but still very appreciated. 1-SHAPE not only protects our health, it also shapes our body effectively. Without 1-SHAPE, I’m pretty sure if we continued to eat like we usually do, we would probably have already regained the weight! Or even worse! Instead, we are very satisfied, and very appreciative of how 1-SHAPE helps us.

During the contest, our team members also found a stronger friendship through encouraging each other and exchanging our experiences with 1-SHAPE.  Sometimes we even received a surprise by winning one of the weekly lucky draws! Thank you, E. EXCEL, for such safe and effective products. We give the company 100 thumbs up, and look forward to next year’s 1-SHAPE Challenge!

10 1-SHAPE Challenge Lucky Draw Winners

Heidi Wang, Flushing, NY

Hui Fang Li, Flushing, NY

Chun Fai Poon, Brooklyn, NY

Ying Li, Flushing, NY

Chun Hong Chen, Brooklyn, NY


Shirley He, Flushing, NY 

Bi Zhen Huang, Brooklyn, NY

Liqin Wang, Flushing, NY 

Fan Shi, Flushing, NY

Yao Mei Liu, Brooklyn, NY