2017 30 Strong Conference


Our 30Strong Celebration held in August in New York City was truly a highlight as we celebrated our 30th anniversary. A highlight was the opportunity for E. Excellers to hear from E. EXCEL founder Dr. Jai-Fei Chen, as well as E-Lei and Chi-Wei Zhang, two of her children, who are following in their mother’s footsteps as enthusiastic voices for E. EXCEL.

Dr. Chen shared her personal journey of realizing that her life’s mission was to help others become healthy and live better, richer lives.  She acknowledged the incredible role E. Excellers have played in the history of E. EXCEL and said she was excited about the company’s future. Both Chi-Wei and E-Lei spoke about working closely with their mother as the company grows and a new generation looks for ways to enjoy better health and rewarding business opportunities.

The afternoon session culminated in recognition where E. Excellers who had earned new titles were recognized for their amazing success and growth. The celebration ended on a high note, with an evening party where E. Excellers enjoyed delicious food, upbeat music, and each other’s company. The party featured additional recognition, including the Catch the Vision award, which recognized Distributors who had been with the company 20 years or more. In addition, 30Strong VIP winners were recognized, as well as E. Excellers who have already won the grand prize in the Summerfest contest. The evening ended with a Millennium toast, as everyone joined with E. EXCEL COO and Senior Vice President Gary Takagi in recognizing the past 30 years and looking forward with great anticipation to the future.

Thanks to all our E. Excellers who have made our three decades of growth and success possible. We look forward to another 30 years--and more!