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Always E. EXCEL 2018—Our Best Conference Ever!


We want to thank all of our amazing Distributors who joined us in Toronto, Canada for this year's biggest event of the year, Always E. EXCEL 2018! Over 600 people gathered together at the Toronto Centre for the Arts on August 11 to learn, mingle together, and celebrate at this unforgettable Conference. 

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Dr. Jau-Fei Chen & Dr. EE Zhang


E. Excellers had the pleasure of listening to a discussion with Dr. Jau-Fei Chen and her daughter, Dr. EE Zhang. Not only did they discuss the science of Nutritional Immunology, they were also able to answer questions directly from the audience! 

Our Newest Products

There's nothing more exciting than new E. EXCEL products! We're proud to introduce several new products for you to incorporate into your lifestyle so that you can enjoy and share E. EXCEL in more ways than ever. 

Panel Discussion

NTM_2516 crop.jpg

One of the highlights of this year's Conference was the Distributor panel that answered many of the common questions and concerns from E. Excellers. We were so inspired on topics such as nurturing your downline, believing in yourself, and overcoming adversity on the path to your dreams.

Photo Gallery 

Did you get your picture taken with Dr. Chen in Toronto? You're in luck, because we have plenty of photos of Distributors, and of the Conference, for you to look through and treasure! Just click the pictures above to see all the photos we took at this year's Always E. EXCEL conference.