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Celebrating 30 Years of E. EXCEL with Club of Excellence Members!


(for COE Members only!)

Code:  1001554
COE: US $941
CV:  847

4 Celebration
and these FREE gifts!
20 E. EXCEL Red Envelopes
US $30 E. EXCEL Gift Certificate to celebrate our 30th Anniversary!


Only available January 1 thru January 31, 2017, while supplies last to COE members.

We're starting 2017 off with an offer you can't refuse!

In 2017, E. EXCEL celebrates its 30th Anniversary with amazing opportunities, adventures, and offers all year long! We're starting off with a bang in January with one of our most exciting products - CELEBRATION! It's only fitting to start the celebration with our COE members and this amazing product that combines the benefits of cactus and cordyceps in one delicious beverage. 

Because of the limited availability of cordyceps, this product is in very limited supply, but we're offering you FOUR boxes for a discounted price, along with a $30 E. EXCEL Gift Certificate to celebrate our 30 years sharing health and the opportunity for a richer life with the world!


In addition, we're including 2 packets of 10 E. EXCEL envelopes (total 20 envelopes) in each 30th Celebration package purchased. Use these special envelopes to help celebrate Chinese New Year while you celebrate 30 years of E. EXCEL with Celebration!

This offer won't be available for long, so order early in January!

*Very limited supply, only available to COE members while supplies last in January 2017; non-transferable; not applicable to the January 2017 CV promotion.