Last Sunday, May 26, Diamond Master Su Lew and the E. EXCEL Club hosted a special family picnic in Flushing, New York! With attendees ranging in age from just 2 years old all the way to 86 years old, over 100 people arrived to enjoy a fantastic time outdoors together.

During the event, teamwork played a key role in the theme of the day. Every family brought a dish to share as a potluck, and many games were played that focused on working together to strengthen the team.

In addition to the potluck, lucky draws were held, and kids played even more games together. Throughout the picnic, many people discussed the benefits of E. EXCEL and how best they could go and share it with the rest of the world.

As you can tell from the many pictures that were taken that day, people had such a good time and all in attendance had a memorable day. Thank you to everyone who came and made the picnic an incredibly fun event!

上週日(5月26日),鑽石經理Su Lew和丞燕俱樂部的成員在紐約法拉盛舉辦了一場特別的家庭野餐會!到場的一百多人中,上至86,下至剛會走(2歲),大家共同度過了一段歡樂的時光。




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New York E. Excellers gathered last week to celebrate Mother's Day together! Diamond Master Su Lew’s group had a luncheon and KTV party to honor all the mothers in the group, with over 30 people in attendance.

At the event, everyone introduced themselves, received a product sample pack, and a fantastic “Great Job” award! New friends who are now E.EXCEL members joined the party, making the atmosphere fun and inviting. Last of all, members shared how E. EXCEL has helped them become better mothers, which was inspiring and heartwarming.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the day so fun!

上週末,紐約地區的丞燕人聚集在一起,舉辦了一場母親節慶祝活動!鑽石經理Su Lew團隊的三十幾人,歡聚一堂,共進午餐,並在KTV引吭高歌,祝賀團隊中的每一位母親。

在這次活動上,每一位參與者都做了自我介紹,並收到了一份產品樣品和“Great Job”的嘉獎!當時到場的新朋友,現在已經成了丞燕夥伴。他們的到來讓這場派對變得更加歡樂而有趣。最後,各位母親還分享了她們如何在丞燕的幫助下成長為更好母親的經驗,這讓在場的每位朋友都深感鼓舞和溫馨。


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