Keep the whole family on track during the holidays

Thanksgiving is a fun time for the whole family to relax and take a break from the stresses of work and school. Even though it’s a time to relax, be sure to set an example by keeping the whole family active and maintaining good habits over the break! Follow a few of these simple guidelines to ensure your family’s return back to daily life goes as smoothly as possible!

Stay active

Use the opportunity to be active together as a family. Create a series of daily activities to complete, earn points, and see who comes out on top! Who can jump rope the longest? Score the most soccer goals or basketball baskets? The possibilities are endless and your family will enjoy the chance to laugh and play together.

Get some rest

One of the things people sacrifice the most is sleep. The opportunity to rest during Thanksgiving break shouldn’t be passed up. Be sure to also hold kids and yourself accountable to a reasonable bedtime. Just a few nights of staying up late during the holiday can make waking up when returning to work and school a chore. Getting back to your normal daily routine can be difficult without adequate sleep and your work, as well as your children’s schooling, can suffer.

Catch up on goals

A huge stressor in most adult’s and children’s lives are looming, incomplete goals. Take this opportunity to complete tasks on your list and help children do the same. Clearing out a cluttered to-do list can bolster self-confidence and greatly reduce stress for the whole family. This break time is also a great time to bond while helping each other accomplish goals!