Inspiring message from E. EXCEL Philippines Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda

E. EXCEL is thankful for the opportunity to host E. EXCEL Philippines Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda on a speaking tour to educate our North American Distributors! Now that Jeruel has returned home, we hope that his message will continue to inspire E. Excellers across the United States and Canada.

Jeruel’s amazing E. EXCEL journey has inspired him to teach others his successful strategy. From trekking hours to visit small villages in the Philippines, to presenting to E. Excellers across the world, his persistence has paid off! Without his dedication to take those long journeys, to nurture those relationships, and treat every opportunity as his next chance to change a life, Jeruel would not be the successful businessman he is today.

The secret to his success? Good people, a good approach, and good judgment.

Good people are what make a successful E. EXCEL business go round. What qualities are found in a good person to be a part of your team? Someone who is friendly, available, and teachable. These three simple qualities are all you need to help someone become a leader! A friendly person who is willing to talk casually about their own story, listen intently to others, and offer a sincere opportunity will be more successful than you can imagine. Being available allows them to be open to teachable moments and have the chance to practice these skills to better build their businesses. A teachable person isn’t just someone who can understand concepts presented to them, but who can also think critically about what they are learning and apply their skills in a real world setting. Find people like this and cultivate these qualities in your team and you’ll have a recipe for success!

Another key to being successful in your E. EXCEL business is having the appropriate approach to introduce others to the amazing science of Nutritional Immunology. That means you have to be prepared to do a lot of earnest listening to understand what is important to a person and how E. EXCEL can help bolster those areas of their lives. Jeruel suggests you listen for opportunities to understand their FORM. This means to listen for opportunities to discuss their Family, Occupation, and Recreation, and then take the chance to deliver your personal Message. By discovering the things a person loves to spend their time doing and learning more about their job and family concerns, you’ll be better prepared to impress upon them how the E. EXCEL opportunity can change their life.

It’s important to have good judgment when building your team. Some people may be interested in your organization, but not motivated to work hard. That’s ok! Sometimes life events happen that can shift a person’s focus, but it’s important to focus your energy on cultivating the members of your team who are ready to hit the ground running. This means building lasting, trusting relationships with your team members and supporting their needs. If a person is not ready to take advantage of all E. EXCEL has to offer, revisit them later, but don’t be discouraged – put your energy where it counts!

Take Jeruel’s advice and your E. EXCEL business will grow exponentially! Tonight take a moment to think about how you can implement his wisdom in your daily business building activities. What do you know about your Downlines’ FORMs? The answers to those questions will help guide your approach and help you build long-lasting, self-sustaining businesses!