Sharing E. EXCEL, improving lives

I first started using E. EXCEL products when my good friend introduced me to the company.  She introduced me to Millennium after I told her my son had a runny nose year round. Although we had been to many doctors, we had had no luck.  I explained that he was also susceptible to illness and she suggested we try Millennium. All of her sons were taking it and seldom had fevers or colds, so I decided to give it a try with my own.

In a short two-month time span his runny nose was starting to get better by the day, and at just four months there was barely any sign of it. This experience built my confidence in E. EXCEL and I started going to meetings in my area weekly. I learned so much at these meetings and began to understand more about our bodies’ immune systems. I learned that foods rich in micronutrients can give our bodies the power to resist damage, remove damaged cells, and repair even repair them. Armed with this information I was able to find the right E. EXCEL products to keep my entire family healthy year-round.