E. EXCEL's Summer 2015 Contest: Dash4Cash! Win your share of $10,000 cash!

E. EXCEL is excited to announce our latest opportunity for E. Excellers in North America to share healthy wholefood products, grow their businesses, and experience a richer life. The Summer 2015 Dash4Cash program is all about how much cash you can both earn and win in July, August and September!

How your new COEs can win their share of $10,000

This summer E. EXCEL will be awarding $10,000 in cash prizes to new COE members and their Referring Sponsors. We’ll be offering special Dash4Cash Packs available for purchase by new COE members. We’ll get to what’s in these awesome packs in a second, but first here’s how your new COE members can win $250 in cash:


When a new COE member joins E. EXCEL with the purchase of a Dash4Cash Pack they’ll be entered ten times into a drawing for $250. If they join with an Excelerator Pack, they’ll be entered twice. At the end of each July, August, and September we’ll draw twenty names from the pool of that month’s new COE members. It’s that simple!


How you can win your share of $10,000

Think that’s great? The 20 COE members who win each month will be doing their Referring Sponsor a favor – each winner’s Referring sponsor will also receive $250! That’s $10,000 each month in cash prizes to our newest E. Excellers and their Referring sponsors.

We’ve packaged some of E. EXCEL’s best products into the Dash4Cash Packs at an incredible price and many more additional benefits.

The incredible Dash4Cash packs


We’ve put together five diverse, healthful product packs that are valued at $1250 or more. New COE members can purchase these packs for just $1000 - a 20% savings. These Dash4Cash Packs provide your new COE members with a 2-3 month supply of E. EXCEL’s most popular products, instant COE membership, and the 1000 QV they earn will be split between their first and second month, satisfying their QV requirements for both months. That means that they’ll have enough product to experience their health benefits while still having plenty of time to explore other E. EXCEL products before placing their next order by the end of their third month as a COE member.

Bonuses for Referring Sponsors

The Dash4Cash program is not only amazing for your new COE members, it’s also fantastic for you. Each time you’re the Referring Sponsor of a COE member who joins with a Dash4Cash pack, you’ll earn a $350 commission when you place them in one of your first four generations. In addition, the new COE member’s sponsor, who is not also the Referring Sponsor, will receive a $150 commission. If the sponsor is also the Referring Sponsor, the first Upline Qualified Master will receive the $150 commission bonus.

Are you ready to take Dash4Cash and take advantage of this amazing offer? Visit the Dash4Cash page for more information!