Back to School with E. EXCEL!

On Monday, August 17, E. EXCEL employees delivered a huge pile of much needed school supplies to our adopted school, Sandy Elementary! We managed to stuff 50 new backpacks with a collection of pencils, erasers, notebooks, scissors, rulers, crayons, colored pencils, and other supplies that the children of Sandy Elementary will need when they go back to school this fall!

After all that, we still had so many supplies left over that we couldn't fit in the backpacks that we simply delivered them in boxes! E. EXCEL employees are fantastic with their desire to help others whenever they can. They really pulled all the stops out this year! In addition, our Distributors got involved with their donations, which allowed us to delivered a substantial check to the school also!

E. EXCEL's mission of better health and a richer life encompasses so much more than just our health products and our excellent business opportunity. We encourage our employees and our Distributors to support their communities and charities wherever and however they can! It makes for a richer life for all of us!