Go ALL IN with your own LOVE E. EXCEL t-shirt

E. Excellers love to travel, and every year they have the opportunity to travel the world with E. EXCEL! They earn their places on these five-star vacations by winning E. EXCEL travel incentive contests each year. This year’s contest asks E. Excellers to go ALL IN to join the E. EXCEL family at an incredible all-inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera! With sun, surf, and sand, trendy Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is just a short ferry ride from Cozumel and includes many exciting resort activities. Is it any wonder that an astonishing number of enthusiastic E. Excellers signed up as VIPs, committing to work toward winning this trip? 

Those E. Excellers working hard to earn this trip can earn an extra reward in February! As they sponsor new Club of Excellence members, they also have the opportunity to earn one or two LOVE E. EXCEL t-shirts this month. How exciting would it be to see crowds of E. Excellers swarming the shops, restaurants, and beaches of Playa del Carmen sporting LOVE E. EXCEL t-shirts? Imagine the buzz it would create as other resort-goers take notice and want to join the party!

Because it’s always a party when E. Excellers get together, no matter where in the world they are. We love celebrating health, life, and family. E. EXCEL is all about better health and a richer life, both of which allow us to travel the world and share our love for E. EXCEL!

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