E. EXCEL employees lose a total of 140 pounds

Four 1-SHAPE Challenge teams made up of 16 E. EXCEL employees competed for bragging rights over the last couple of months. You won’t believe how much weight they managed to lose! We’ve held the last team weigh-in and calculated the scores, and the final results are: 

E. EXCEL 1-SHAPE Challenge Results
Dwindling Divas Phun Team Mission Slimpossible Lighen Up
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
52 lbs. lost
43 lbs. lost
23 lbs. lost
22 lbs. lost
Charity Rees (C)
Jennifer Kwan
Shelley Tirado
Linden Reeves
Dan Jenkins (C)
Chuanli (Lily) Tang
Rolando Ortega
Cuilan Hong
Chrissa Garcia (C)
Luis Tirado
Liping Tian
Cherie Beal

Liwei Qiu (C)
Dalia Colindres
Steve Peck
Norma Estrada

That’s a grand total of 140 pounds lost in 2 months! Congratulations to everyone! We knew you could do it. 1-SHAPE makes it easy. Just listen to some of the comments we received.

“I was a lot more consistent with drinking 1-SHAPE this time, and it really helped me eat less and still feel full,” Charity Rees, Captain of the winning Dwindling Divas, said. “It also helped with some digestion issues I have so that was an added bonus!”

Also from the Divas, Jennifer Kwan told us, “My muscles are firmer now, and my skin is glowing! I look better and I feel better after taking the 1-SHAPE Challenge.”

"I love that my whole family actually participated with me! It makes it easier and more fun makinglife changes. Just being on a diet sucks! That's why this 1-SHAPE Challenge was so easy for me!" exclaimed Diva Shelley Tirado. "I also love being part of a team at work. We helped motivate and support each other. The more people on your team the greater your success!"

Dan Jenkins, Captain of the 2nd place Phun Team, said, “Taking 1-SHAPE has increased my physical activity, and kept me feeling full throughout the day. I lost a total of 14 pounds while on the Challenge. I enjoyed the benefits that 1-SHAPE brought me so much that I’m still taking it after the challenge!” Way to go, Dan! Keep up the good work!

“Participating on the 1-SHAPE Challenge was great!” Spoken like the Marketing Director he is, Luis Tirado from Team Slimpossible continued, “I was skeptical at first, but as the synergy of the group kicked in, I wanted to make better choices to support my team mates. At the end, I only lost a few pounds, but I feel better, healthier and with a renewed sense of accomplishment! The 1-SHAPE Challenge is an amazing way to get involved with the healthy life-style that E. EXCEL advocates!”  

“Working with a group was much more motivating for me,” said Dalia Colindres from the Lighten Up team. “We encouraged each other to keep up with exercise and drinking 1-SHAPE.”

E. Excellers across North America are competing in their own 1-SHAPE Challenge through July 31st. We’re excited to hear about their results and what they’ve gained by losing weight with 1-SHAPE. We’ll be announcing the winners in August! Stay tuned for those results!


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