Her love of people and desire to help them live better lives was a catalyst for Dr. Jau-Fei Chen when she was deciding what to do with her life. When she chose to focus on cancer research, she did so wanting to rid the world of the terrible disease. But a chance encounter with a young mother battling terminal stage cancer inspired the hardworking, compassionate Nutritional Immunologist to re-examine her life’s work.

After graduating from college with a Ph.D. in microbiology with an emphasis in immunology, Dr. Chen knew she wanted to spend her life helping others. Working to discover a cure for cancer seemed like a great way to do that.

“And then I met this young woman who knew she was dying, knew she would not live long enough to witness crucial events in her children’s lives, their graduations and marriages and the births of their children,” Dr. Chen recalls. “She was making voice recordings to leave for her children so they could hear her voice and remember her, so she could continue to be part of their lives. It broke my heart.”

This experience was a life-changing event for Dr. Chen that made her re-examine her decision to be a cancer researcher. “Finding a cure for cancer is still important,” she notes. “But I desperately wanted to help prevent people from ever getting sick in the first place. I never wanted anybody to have to go through what this young mother was experiencing.”

Her compassion for this dying woman compelled Dr. Chen to move from cancer research to education. As a pioneer in the science of Nutritional Immunology, she knew that the best way to help people live healthy, long lives was to focus on strengthening the body’s immune system and giving it the nutrients it needed to fight disease and illness.

“I chose to dedicate my life to sharing this science with everyone,” Dr. Chen says. “I care deeply for others and want everyone to enjoy happy, healthy lives. I realized that sharing Nutritional Immunology with others was the best way I could show I cared, the best way to help those around me.”

As a result, Dr. Chen created E. EXCEL in 1987, and for the past 30 years, her love for people and desire to create an opportunity for them to enjoy better health and live richer, meaningful lives has guided her in everything she has done.

“Our focus has never changed,” Dr. Chen observes. “From the very first day, we taught that plain, plant-based foods are the best way to achieve health. We didn’t promise fast results and didn’t tell our consumers that we had secret formulas or super ingredients. We told them that the miracle cure was in the supermarket. We are an education company. Our goal is to teach people that changing the way they eat will change the way the can live their lives.”

The mission of the company—to create a disease-free world—may seem lofty, some may say even unattainable. But Dr. Chen genuinely believes it can be accomplished.

“I am proud that we have never swayed from our mission and our focus,” she concludes. “We teach people about Nutritional Immunology, about proper nutrition and strengthening their immune system. And then we provide a convenient, easy way for them to receive that nutrition in their lives.

“That focus allows us to change individuals, help people one at a time to feel alive and well. Our goal is to be recognized as not an herbal company or a supplement company, but as a food company. I would like to think that, in the next 30 years, every family in the world would be using at least one of our products, that E. EXCEL will be party of their daily lives, .and that we will impact people—one person at a time. E. EXCEL is all about people, and this is the way we can help them.”


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