What Makes Millennium So Special?

Made from handpicked cactus, cold pressed and triple-filtered, Millennium is an incredible beverage that’s packed full of supportive compounds, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Crafted with a patented extraction process, Millennium is packaged without any preservatives, so you can enjoy its benefits (and delicious taste) worry-free anywhere you go.

Of course, E. Excellers all over the world love Millennium for many more reasons than that. Beyond its delicious taste of cactus pad and royal jelly, Millennium provides the body with hundreds of phytochemicals and beneficial constituents. Conveniently packaged, you can simply open a new carton anytime you like to enjoy a fresh taste of your favorite drink! 

But what if you have a bee or honey-related allergy? Don’t worry, we have products that you’ll love, too!

Millennium Red is safe for those with bee and honey allergies, and is also safe for sugar-conscious consumers. This delicious cactus nectar is sweetened with sorbitol instead of honey, so you’re getting many of the same benefits as original Millennium.

But what if you’re on the go, or have to catch a flight and still want to bring Millennium with you? Don’t worry, because Millennium Powdered Beverage offers you everything you love about Millennium and Millennium Red in a convenient powdered form!

Sweetened without royal jelly or honey, Millennium gets its fantastic sweet taste from zero-calorie stevia. Because we use stevia, Millennium Powdered Beverage is an excellent choice for those limiting their sugar intake. And since it’s so portable, you can simply add it to water anywhere you are—making it perfect for frequent travelers and those with busy lifestyles!

Don’t forget, all throughout October, Millennium is our product of the month. Click here to learn all about how you can get a free Millennium product with your qualifying purchase!