Always Fiber

In the spring, it seems like everyone always wants to enjoy those crisp, refreshing salads that contain the first edible greens of spring! We always feel like we’re being so healthy and eating all these fresh vegetables—getting our fiber up!


But are we really?  Did you know that iceberg lettuce only contains about .8 grams of fiber in one cup—and fresh spinach is the same? Romaine lettuce is only slightly better with .9 grams per cup. That’s a lot of cups of salad to reach 30-35 grams a day! Add a cup of celery to your salad and you only get an additional 2 grams of fiber. Even if you added some onion—and you might not want a full cup of onion—it would only give you an additional 2.9 grams. A cup of tomatoes would add another 2 grams, and include a cup of carrots for 3.3 grams. So, you’re up to 7 cups of salad if you have a cup of iceberg and romaine lettuce, spinach, celery, onion, tomato, and carrot, but you’ve only got 12.7 grams of fiber and that’s not even half the fiber your need in a day! Not to mention that’s a really large salad!

Not to worry! As always, E. EXCEL has you covered with a number of fiber products that can supplement your fiber intake in any level you need. From 7g of fiber in 1-SHAPE® Lite, 9g in EverNew®, and 10g in 1-SHAPE®, EverNew®-D and EverNew® Orange, choose the amount of fiber you need and the taste you enjoy, and you’ll always get the fiber you need every day, even if you enjoy large green salads!

So, this spring, enjoy those green salads! They’re wonderful, fresh, exciting spring fare, and always provide nutrients your body needs. But remember, always E. EXCEL has you covered with the additional fiber you need every day, no matter what your fiber needs may be.


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