E. EXCEL Distributor Hong Lu took 3rd place in 2015’s 1-SHAPE Challenge by losing 14 pounds and 6 inches off her waist. At that time, she told E. EXCEL, “I reached my goal to lose more than 10 lbs. This is my lightest weight in 18 years!”

She did it by taking 1-SHAPE three times a day, 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and by signing up at a gym and exercising 3-4 times a week. After her first few weeks, she said, “I bought a new belt at the end of third week. I even bought two new pairs of pants in size 6, unlike my usual size 8 or 10.

I am so proud of myself. Now I feel healthier and more energetic!

Hong also said she had planned to lose weight for ages, but was never so successful. “Now,” said Hong, “I even lost my lower chin. My friends noticed I was losing weight after only three weeks and told me that I looked so different from before. I am so proud of myself. I shared my experience with them about how to lose weight by using 1-SHAPE. Now I feel healthier and more energetic.”

In March of 2016, E. EXCEL talked with Hong again, and asked her how she was doing now, and she said, “After the challenge last year, I didn’t use any 1-SHAPE but I used other E. EXCEL products, so I kept my shape—until Chinese New Year and winter when I exercised less and ate more chocolate. During the challenge I felt so motivated had a lot of energy and felt very strong. 1-SHAPE is an excellent product and I think 1-SHAPE Lite is very good for losing inches in my waist, so I recommend it to my friends. I gained weight after having a baby. I used 1-SHAPE for only eight weeks and lost a lot of weight, so I believe in this product. Also, it’s a nutritious product so it doesn’t hurt my body. If I have an opportunity to join the Challenge again, I want to do it next time. I really, really like it!”

Well, Hong, the 2016 1-SHAPE Challenge is just starting up, so now is your chance to join the Challenge again!

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E. EXCEL Master Allen Huang, 2015’s 1-SHAPE Challenge winner, lost 17 pounds and 5 inches from his waist. Back in 2015, Allen told E. EXCEL, “Because of the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge I’ve gone from weighing 250 lbs. to 233 lbs. I’ve lost a total of 17 lbs. and five inches from my waist resulting in dropping two pant sizes! I look better, feel better, and I’m very happy with all the health improvements I’m seeing.

“In the past eight weeks I’ve experienced a dramatic body transformation, but it didn’t all happen at once. In the first 4-5 weeks I dropped a lot of weight because I was eating better, exercising, and using 1-SHAPE. However, in the last three weeks my weight loss slowed down, but I’m still currently losing inches off my waist and improving my body composition with exercise.

When I gathered my photos to send in and placed them side by side I was blown away at how drastic my body transformation was. I’m so happy with my results from completing the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge!

E. EXCEL contacted him again in March 2016, to see how he was doing. He told us, “I still use one or two packets of 1-SHAPE every day. It works well for me, and I like it. If the company has another 1-SHAPE challenge, I will participate again! The contest pushed me, so I will definitely join again!”

You can count on 1-SHAPE to work for men and women, and it will keep you feeling good all year long! E. EXCEL looks forward to having Allen sign up for the 2016 1-SHAPE Challenge!

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