What makes E. EXCEL unique are the many EXTRAs we offer. We call them EE EXTRAS, and they’re designed to help Distributors grow their E. EXCEL businesses, especially this month! March heralds the coming spring, bursting with growth and blooming with possibilities. Distributors can take advantage of great EXTRA opportunities for growth from E. EXCEL in March! 

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Distributors all across North America are loving the new E. EXCEL Virtual Office. EVO is loaded with new features to help E. Excellers manage and grow their E. EXCEL businesses and our staff has been helping them learn to maximize these features. Distributor Services representatives have been working one-on-one with E. Excellers explaining reports, pointing out new tools, and answering questions. Check out what some of them had to say about their favorite new EVO perks:

“The new EVO is really amazing for getting reports and updating information. Distributors can research information about their group on their own and this is a huge help for everyone!”

– Jade Ambassador Hugo Zhang

“EVO is very convenient. I can do everything I need to online and this will definitely help me grow my business even more. My team can use these tools to grow and I no longer have to call Distributor Services to check information. I love the new COE tracking tools, messaging, and detailed Downline reports.”

– Jade Ambassador Lucy Lu

Now is the perfect time to gather your team and learn the new features of EVO together! Set up a meeting and dig into the robust features of the best tool you have to grow your E. EXCEL business. Need help getting started? Our helpful Distributor Services reps are here to help you get started. Contact them today to start learning!

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