“When I first learned about E. EXCEL products, I was fascinated with Millennium. I recalled seeing prickly pear cactus during my early years. I was anxious to taste the elixir! I bought a package and rushed home to try it. I could hardly wait,” said Master Gloria Mullings-Proctor from North York, ON of her first experience with Millennium. “Finally I poured an ounce and started to sip. Nectar from the Gods, I thought! I used this package of product and felt an amazing increase of energy. Since then, I have used most of E. EXCEL’s products, and I am hardly ever without Millennium.” Gloria has been with E. EXCEL since 2002, and 13 years later, she is still hardly ever without Millennium!             

This incredible beverage of prickly pear cactus pad juice, honey, royal jelly, and natural orange and lemon flavors is E. EXCEL’s signature product. In 1996, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen’s revolutionary Millennium® formulation won first place at the Conference of World Traditional Medicine, and since then has been a staple in the households of E. Excellers around the world.

Gold Master Winnie Chan from Union, NJ, echoes the enthusiasm for Millennium. “Millennium is such a lifesaver! Every time I feel the slightest bit run down, I drink Millennium and go to bed. When I wake up, I feel better! Even my kids automatically know to drink Millennium to maintain their health. It’s because of Millennium that everyone in our family has enjoyed good health for the past few years. It’s simply amazing!”

"My favorite product is Millennium,” said Distributor Zhuxu Zhang from London, ON. “I have seasonal allergies and each year from March to June they impact my work and life. In 2012, I started taking Millennium and now I’m back to my normal life and work even during allergy season!

“What I love about E. EXCEL products is that they come from natural plant foods, no added artificial ingredients. It's safe to use, convenient to take, and effective."

Distributor, Peggy Ann Neufeld from Coaldale, AB agrees with Zhuxu, but chooses to use the Millennium Powdered Beverage! “My favorite product is Millennium. Since starting to drink one packet in the morning, I wake up feeling great. I love E. EXCEL products because of the convenience of having high quality, nourishing foods available whenever I want, and I appreciate the health benefits they provide. Also, I can confidently tell other people about the high quality and great benefits of E. EXCEL.”

Throughout the years since its introduction in the 90s, Millennium has maintained the same formula—minus preservatives—while going through a series of upgrades in packaging that keep it at the leading edge of state-of-the-art freshness and safety. Earlier this year, E. EXCEL introduced Millennium in a set of five 200ml cartons per box. This patented packaging is so new that Millennium is the first product in the United States to use it! Only the very best will do for E. EXCEL’s signature beverage!

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I first started using E. EXCEL products when my good friend introduced me to the company.  She introduced me to Millennium after I told her my son had a runny nose year round. Although we had been to many doctors, we had had no luck.  I explained that he was also susceptible to illness and she suggested we try Millennium. All of her sons were taking it and seldom had fevers or colds, so I decided to give it a try with my own.

In a short two-month time span his runny nose was starting to get better by the day, and at just four months there was barely any sign of it. This experience built my confidence in E. EXCEL and I started going to meetings in my area weekly. I learned so much at these meetings and began to understand more about our bodies’ immune systems. I learned that foods rich in micronutrients can give our bodies the power to resist damage, remove damaged cells, and repair even repair them. Armed with this information I was able to find the right E. EXCEL products to keep my entire family healthy year-round.

AuthorAshton Levier