February is almost over, the shortest month of the year, and generally associated with love and heart health. Valentine’s Day on February 14 celebrates romantic love that brings people together with hearts and flowers, and that’s probably where the American Heart Association got the idea to bring heart health into the month by making it American Heart Month. 

Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Only a couple of weeks away. Many families traditionally clean their homes thoroughly at this time. Cleaning symbolizes sweeping away any ill-fortune and making way for incoming good luck as they prepare for an amazing celebration that can last up to 15 days! It’s a happy time of year, a time of generosity, of forgiveness, and of family. 

The small moments in life when two or more people connect—really connect—with each other are what makes life fulfilling. These days, with the proliferation of cell phones and tablets, it seems that many people forget that it is individuals and our relationships with them that really matter. No one can live a fulfilling life in the cloud. We all need social interaction with other people.

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