Sunday, October 30th
2016 E. EXCEL Conference:  
My Choice, My Future

(Morning Session:  Mandarin | Afternoon Session:  English)

Featuring Dr. Jau-Fei Chen


Tickets Available!

Purchase a ticket to the morning Mandarin session for $20 and get a FREE ticket for the afternoon English Session for a friend!

Talk to your Upline about purchasing tickets now. Space is limited; get your tickets before they are gone!

I’ve been to three E. EXCEL conferences so far. What I gained during these conference comes from seeing Dr. Chen and hearing directly from her. E. EXCEL conferences helped me develop my business, and Dr. Chen’s fascination and charisma is unstoppable. This year’s conference, I expect to hear more about the plans for the 30th anniversary next year, and find out what new products may be coming out. I’m really excited about this year’s conference! We will be dancing on the stage! The atmosphere, the emotion, the expectations for this conference make me feel so passionate and powerful. Everything is great!
— Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng, Woodside, NY
I was privileged to be an emcee at an E. EXCEL Conference, and had the opportunity to personally meet with Dr. Chen. She is an inspiration, and her messages always make you want to go forward. I always learn something new to further my knowledge of E. EXCEL at each Conference. I find that just to attend is a privilege and another advancement in health and business matters!
— Diamond Master, Roy Tighe-Parker from Whitby, ON
Read Tracy Lin's story!

Read Tracy Lin's story!

I can learn so much and meet successful leaders that encourage me. The conference and the leaders made me realize the E. EXCEL business is the right choice!
— Pearl Master, Qiao Yun (Tracy) Lin from Flushing, NY
I went to the E. EXCEL Conference in 2012 as a complete stranger. I was attracted by an advertisement in a local newspaper. In Dr. Chen’s speech, the words ‘convenient food’ aroused my undivided attention. There are thousands of health products surrounding us. But with E. EXCEL, folks can be confident! I like to share this important message!
— Silver Master Nees Lo, Toronto, ON
From my Downlines’ posts in social media, from their conversations, I could see the excitement and energy they gained at E. EXCEL’S 2015 Conference. By listening to Dr. Chen up close and personal, their love and respect for this amazing woman grew. Their trust in E. EXCEL has been strengthened and elevated. I can see from their attitude and their speech that they are more persistent and confident in building their E. EXCEL businesses. Dr. Chen did an excellent job setting the right mindset by sharing her own story and answering Distributor’s questions. She demonstrated to us what ‘leading by example’ is. She made us feel so proud to be E. Excellers!
— Jade Master Su Lew, Flushing NY
Read Su Lew's story!

Read Su Lew's story!

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