Build your E. EXCEL business AND join us for the party of the decade!

Next year, E. EXCEL International celebrates its 30th anniversary, and an international bash to surpass anything you’ve ever seen before is already being planned! Winners of E. EXCEL North America’s 2017 Travel Incentive Contest will be attending this exciting event with top E. Excellers from all over the world—and we want to give Distributors, Masters, and Silver Masters a head start on winning! And the best part is you'll build your E. EXCEL business, so you'll win more than just points in the travel incentive contest! Start now to earn many rewards, including your way to E. EXCEL’s most breath-taking, electrifying, riveting event of the decade!

Time Period:    June 1 – November 30, 2016


Who can participate:

  • Distributors*
  • Masters
  • Silver Masters

*Distributors MUST become New Masters by July 31, 2016 to continue in the Dash 2 the Bash.





  • 50% of the Build points you need in E. EXCEL’s 2017 Travel Incentive Contest
  • Meet both requirements each consecutive month from June 1, 2016 through November 30, 2016

What you earn:

All you have to do:

Terms and Conditions

5.  The 2017 Contest Build points earned in the Dash 2 the Bach cannot be sold, transferred, or converted to cash of any kind. If unused, these points will be void. 

6.   E. EXCEL reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at its sole discretion. E. EXCEL’s offer, and/or usage of earnings may be restricted, limited, expired, or cancelled at any time without prior notice.

7. E. EXCEL uses its 3% Promotional Bonus to fund this promotion.





1.   This promotion applies only to E. Excellers with a title of Distributor, Master, and Silver Master who are in good standing at the time of its announcement. (This promotion does NOT apply to Gold Masters, Pearl Masters, Jade Masters, or Diamond Masters.)

2.   When the 2017 Travel Incentive Contest is announced, the participants who achieved the requirements of the Dash 2 the Bash period will receive 50% of the BUILD points for First Prize in the 2017 Travel Incentive Contest.

3.  Failure to meet the 150 PQV (no transfers allowed) AND 2,200 PGQV in any month of the Dash 2 the Bash period disqualifies you from earning the bonus Build points.

4.  Discrepancies or issues with the qualifications and benefits will be addressed by E. EXCEL, its employees, and management. E. EXCEL’s decisions regarding discrepancies are final.