Excelerate Your Earnings and Collect More Cash!

In May, June, and July Referring Sponsors earn $350 in commission for each Earnings Express Pack they sell to a new Distributor in their first four generations!


In addition, a $150 bonus also goes to the sponsor or first Upline Qualified Master of the new Distributor who purchases an Earnings Express Pack!
 (If the Referring Sponsor is also the sponsor, the first Upline Qualified Master who is not the Referring Sponsor receives the $150)

Earnings Express Packs provide

Immediate Club of Excellence Benefits

  • 10% product discount from the Distributor wholesale price
  • Earn free products with rewarding bonus programs
  • Discount on shipping 
  • Customized monthly autoship order
  • And more!

Qualifying Volume (QV) Spread Over 2 Months

Receive 1000 Qualifying Volume (QV) commission spread over two months. Receive 500 QV in the 1st and 2nd months of your new COE membership!

$1250 or more of products for $1000!

A savings of 20% or more!

Earnings Express Packs include our most popular products to truly experience the benefits of E. EXCEL’s wholesome Nutritional Immunology formulas.

    Earnings Express Packs $1,000 each

    Total Health 

    Total Health-D

    Elemente Beauty

    • 4 Millennium® (liquid)
    • 2 Nutricardia®
    • 4 Nutrifresh® Strawberry
    • 2 Refresh™
    • 2 DNP™ Capsules
    • 2 EverNew®

    • 4 Millennium® Red (liquid)
    • 2 Nutriall Original
    • 2 EverNew®-D
    • 2 Refresh™
    • 4 Orchestra™
    • 2 DNP™ Capsules
    • 2 Oxyginberry® Essence Hydrating Facial Serum
    • 3 Youth Rejuvenator Facial Moisturizer
    • 3 Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash
    • 3 Essential Line-Defying Facial Cream
    • 2 Cactus Essence Hydrating Lotion

    (each Earnings Express Pack includes an E. EXCEL Distributorship and Distributor Kit)