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Essence of the Sea

E. EXCEL is excited to announce the latest addition to the Elemente line of beauty products. The new Essence of the Sea line includes Essence of the Sea Facial Lotion and Essence of the Sea Facial Mask. Both of these nutrient-rich products help you maintain smooth, supple, radiant skin.

Like all the amazing products in the Elemente beauty line, these moisturizers contain E. EXCEL’s revolutionary compound Oxyginberry® Complex. Our exclusive Oxyginberry Complex combines the power of ginseng berry, cactus fruit, cactus, grape seed, rose, and seaweed to help repair and renew cells and fight free radicals. Essence of the Sea Facial Lotion and Mask further harness the power of algae and seaweed extracts to provide even more nourishing care for your skin.

Seaweed and algae both live on the edges of bodies of water meaning they’re protected by the seas’ mineral rich water during high tide, while also exposed to the same sun and wind as we are during low tide. These sturdy plants contain nutrients from minerals that help your skin glow and appear as youthful as ever.