Meet the following two requirements every month to participate:

  1. Personally purchase 150 Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV)
  2. Qualify as a Master each month of the contest

If you are not yet a Master, you can still earn this contest! Become a Master by February 28, 2018, qualify as a Master for the remainder of the contest, and meet all the other contest requirements.

To WIN, you must also complete these three requirements:

CONTEST REQUIREMENTS (All 3 are required to win)

EuroTour Land Only 10 16,000
Strengthen your organization by maintaining your Master Leadership Volume Base (Base) and Increase it with your Total New COE Volume.
EuroTour Land + $700 Air Travel Voucher 10 23,000

EuroTour Land Only 14 31,000
EuroTour Land + $1,400 Air Travel Voucher 14 45,000

†   If you win a EuroTour Land + Air Travel Voucher prize, your travel voucher will be awarded when you arrive in Madrid.
E. EXCEL is not providing air travel arrangements with this contest; you will need to make your own air travel arrangements to and from Spain.

1:  Minimum # of New COEs

  • New COEs for whom you are the referring sponsor during the contest period
  • May join with either an Excelerator Pack or 1K Pack

2:  Total New COE Volume

  • All volume purchased by the new COEs you refer during the contest period.
    • Includes QV from Excelerator Packs (330 QV per pack) and 1K Packs (1000 QV per pack)
    • Plus, QV from all new COE purchases during the contest months.
  • Product transfers do not increase or decrease new COE purchased volume. 

3: Total Contest Volume

  • Total Contest Volume is the total Master Leadership volume on which you are paid during the contest period, plus the Total New COE Volume.
  • Your Base is the total Master Leadership volume on which you were paid during the base period of April 2017 through September 2017.
    • Find your “Total GCV contributed to Master Leadership Bonus” at the bottom of the last page of each month’s Commission Report. Add totals for all 6 months together to determine your Base.
  • To win a prize, your Total Contest Volume during the contest period must equal your Base plus the New COE Volume for the prize desired.
    • For example, if your Base is 20,000 and you want to win EuroTour Land Only for 1, your Total Contest Volume must be 36,000 during the contest period. (20,000 Base + 16,000 Total New COE Volume = 36,000)


EuroTour VIPs Earn Bonus Volume Two Ways!

  1. Help your Downline Masters in your first four (4) Generations earn any EuroTour 2018 contest prize, and receive 1,000 BONUS Contest Volume toward your Total Contest Volume—for up to three (3) winners! 
  2. Earn BONUS New COE Volume toward your Total New COE Volume requirement when you sponsor new COE members in December and January (up to 3 in each month).

    Earn 80 BONUS New COE Volume for new COEs who join with an Excelerator Pack.
    Earn 160 BONUS New COE Volume for new COEs who join with a 1K Pack.