E. EXCEL knows protecting yourself from disease and sickness is important. In addition to our wholefood products that protect your immune system, we also offer a line of Family Care Products to protect your family from environmental factors that contribute to sickness.



E. EXCEL Essential Blend™

An exclusive blend of macadamia and perilla seed oil

E. EXCEL Essential Blend of macadamia and perilla seed oils should be a staple in every kitchen! It contains the ideal 1:1 ratio of omega–6 and omega–3 essential fatty acids for good health.


Gwei-Hua Balm

Our Gwei-Hua Balm is made with peppermint, clove, and eucalyptus to soothe away your aches and sore muscles. This combination of oils soothes insect bites, and relieves aching, tense muscles. All these calming properties are contained in a pleasant-smelling balm essential to every household. (for external use only)




E. EXCEL has provided a safe way to cleanse germs and bacteria from hands without using soap and water. This amazing cleanser is gentle on skin and contains moisturizers that will leave your hands clean, soft, and residue free. (for external use only)



Did you know approximately 95% of store bought produce contains surface chemical residue? VegiWash® rids your produce of these residual chemicals using only the best ingredients. We know eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is ideal. That’s why we want to ensure the delicious, nutritious produce you eat is as contaminant-free as possible. (for external use only)