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NEW! Elemente® Youth Rejuvenator Facial Moisturizer

Keeping a youthful look while aging has been a desire for people across the globe for centuries. E. EXCEL is happy to announce our newest product – Elemente® Youth Rejuvenator Facial Moisturizer – perfectly formulated to help you age with impeccably youthful skin! Help reduce the lines of fine lines and wrinkles with the help of oxygen carrying perfluorocarbons!


Oxyginberry® Essence Hydrating Facial Serum

Enriched with an exceptionally high concentration of Oxyginberry® Complex, this serum delivers maximum hydration and nourishment to skin revealing a radiant, beautiful complexion.



Essential Line-Defying Facial Cream

Drench your skin in this luxurious cream for a soft, youthful feeling. Essential Line-Defying Facial Cream reduces visible signs of aging and retexturizes skin to be smooth and supple. This cream saturates skin to create visibly lifted skin day after day.


Oxyginberry® Pearl Essence Moisturizer

Give your skin a luxurious treat with this indulgent moisturizer containing precious ingredients like jabara, pearl, and Oxyginberry® Complex. These prized ingredients hydrate, soften, and aid skin repair and renewal. Designed specifically for sensitive skin, Oxyginberry Pearl Essence Moisturizer makes skin appear smooth, luminous, and glowing.