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Fall in Love with Triflora™ Jasmine in November!


Triflora Jasmine - Buy 4 For the Price of 3 Product Code:  6100354 | WHSL: US $144.96 | COE:  US $130.48 | CV: 105

This November, we’re happy to announce that Triflora™ Jasmine is our product of the month! There’s no better time than fall to enjoy the warm, refreshing taste of Triflora Jasmine, which is made with whole foods that meet E. EXCEL’s incredibly high standards.

Triflora Jasmine is a warm, soothing, tea blend crafted with fragrant jasmine flower, green tea leaves, ginseng, and chrysanthemum flower to help restore balance in the body. Especially welcome during the cold months of the year, this warming drink is the perfect way to start your day or relax after coming in from chilly weather.

Purchase 4 Triflora Jasmine for the price of 3, only in November 2018, and only while supplies last.



Our Commission Volume (CV) promotion also rewards you with G-ART™, Pearl™, and EverNew®, when your purchases reach the specified Commission Volume in November.


300 CV



600 CV

  G-ART    •    Pearl


900 CV

  G-ART    •    Pearl    •    EverNew


Please note:  Product Promotion purchases do not apply to Commission Volume Promotions. Non-promotional purchases will apply to the Commission Volume Promotion. Transferrable CV for each promotional Triflora Jasmine is 26.25.