2015 1-SHAPE Challenge Rules

1. Only E. EXCEL Distributors are eligible to participate.

2. To participate in the Challenge, you must purchase a 1-SHAPE promotion (Six 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite or three of each) or have recently joined as a COE member with a 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite Excelerator Pack.

    1-SHAPE Package codes and pricing (First 400 participants will also receive a pedometer. Transferable as package only. Does not apply to Commission Volume promotion. Only available while supplies last)
      – Six 1-SHAPE, plus blender bottle and pedometer: 6100746
     – Six 1-SHAPE Lite, plus blender bottle and pedometer:  6100736
     – Three 1-SHAPE and three 1-SHAPE Lite, plus blender bottle and pedometer:  6100756
          Whsl:  $333
          COE:  $299
          CV:  270

3. Each participant must submit a 1-SHAPE™ Challenge Registration Form available at www.eexcel.net/1-Shape2015 anytime between April 1 and May 1, 2015. You must fill out the form completely including starting weight and waist measurement in inches.

4. Your 1-SHAPE Challenge may start any day between April 1 and May 1, 2014, and must last 8 consecutive weeks.

5. Take full body (head to toe) pictures of yourself on your first challenge day and email to 1shape@eexcel.net, and again on your final challenge day and email to the same address, preferably in the same pose and the same clothes. Pictures from both the front and side are recommended.

6. Challenge ends 8 consecutive weeks from your start date. Your challenge must be completed by June 26, 2015.

7. To be eligible to win prizes, participates must submit a completed registration form, before and after photos, and written or video recorded story about your experience (50-100 words) including final weight and waist size. Submit your story and photos to 1shape@eexcel.net by July 1, 2015. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. Winners will be judged by a combination of the following criteria: (1) Percentage of body weight lost (2) Inches lost in waist (3) Before & After photos (4) Written or video recorded story about weight loss journey

9. E. EXCEL will announce winners by July 13, 2015.


1st prize: $500 E. EXCEL product voucher + 1 iPad Mini 3 (32 GB) – 1 winner

2nd prize: $250 E. EXCEL product voucher + Smart Watch  – 2 winners

3rd prize: $100 E. EXCEL product voucher + Fitbit fitness wristband – 3 winners

4th prize: E. EXCEL logo bag and 1 box 1-Shape or 1-Shape Light – 4 winners

5th prize: An exclusive E. EXCEL key chain – to all participants who lose three pounds