Contest Rules and Regulations

•       The Heart of Europe! 2015 Travel Incentive Contest is open to all Distributors of E. EXCEL North America, (“the Company”), who are in good standing as defined by the Policies & Procedures.

•       Monthly Minimum Requirements: To be eligible to win the Heart of Europe! 2015 Travel Incentive Contest, you must meet the following minimum monthly requirements:

•   Personal Commission Volume (PCV) of 150, AND

•   Qualify as a Master or higher during each month of the contest period. If you have not reached the rank of Master, you must achieve the rank of Master by February 28, 2015 and qualify as a Master or higher in all remaining months of the contest.

•   In addition to the Monthly Minimum Requirements, you must earn the required total number of points, including meeting the minimum number of Share and Grow points (where applicable).

•   All requirements must be met to win any prize.

•       Share points are awarded in the month a new COE member joins the Company. If the new COE member does not meet the minimum requirements of the COE membership (The minimum requirements are 100 CV in each of the following 3 months after the initial purchase), the Share points will be deducted from all Distributors who earned Share points, including any Bonus Share points, for this COE member.

•       You must complete the Referral Sponsor field on the new Distributor application to earn Share points. The new COE must be placed in the Referral Sponsor’s Downline organization.

•       Your Contest Rank is your highest “paid rank “during the months of April 2014 – September 2014. Contest Rank determines how to earn Grow Points during the contest and the minimum required Share and Grow points.

§  For all Distributors whose Contest Rank is Distributor, Master, Silver Master or Gold Master, your Qualified Master Baseline must be met before you earn Grow points. Once your total First Generation Qualified Masters during the contest period equals your Qualified Master Baseline, you will earn 200 Grow points each month for each additional Qualified Master. Qualified Masters are existing Masters who are paid as “Qualified Masters” in any given month during the contest period, or “New Masters” the first month they reach Master and any subsequent months in which they are paid as “Qualified Masters.”

•     For all Distributors whose contest rank is Pearl Master, Jade Master or Diamond Master, you earn Grow points each month when the number of your 5000+ OV (Organizational Volume) Master Legs exceeds the number of your 5000+ OV Master Legs from the same month in the previous year. After tallying the count, for each additional 5000+ Master Leg you receive 200 Grow points on a monthly basis.

•       The Company strictly prohibits Distributors from manipulative and unethical practices in order to earn Contest Points.

§  All points and qualifications are subject to review and verification by the Company. The Company will unequivocally disqualify anyone participating in manipulative and unethical practices.

§ Prizes are not cumulative. Only one prize can be awarded per Distributorship.

•       In the event a winning Distributor is unable to use their prize (e.g. travel to the destination) the prize and any guest privileges may be transferred to an immediate family member who is NOT an Upline Distributor or may be given to a Downline Distributor who was a COE member in good standing prior to February 1, 2015. (Please see the “Downline” definition found in the E. EXCEL Policies & Procedures.) Winners cannot transfer a prize to an Upline Distributor, even if they are immediate family. All transfers must be approved by the Company. In the event of a transfer, including the trip and air ticket or air credit, the Company will award the prize based on the lower of the transferee’s city of departure airfare cost and the winner’s city of departure airfare cost.

§ If E. EXCEL is making airline reservations, e.g. the winning Distributor was not a VIP, those airline reservations will be to and from the winning Distributor’s city. If a winning Distributor transfers the prize, it is the transferee’s responsibility to get to and from the Distributor’s city for the arranged flights.

•   If the winning Distributor does not transfer the winning prize, E.EXCEL will award a product certificate in the amount of $700 USD in lieu of the travel prize. Product certificate is not transferable, has no CV value and cannot be converted to cash or its equivalent of any kind.

•       All winning Distributors are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel documents for this trip AND are responsible for all costs related to their passport, visa processing, luggage, and other expenses not otherwise described as part of the winning prize. A valid passport is required to travel on this incentive trip for all those traveling.

•       The contest prizes include airfare departing from any major US or Canadian city as determined by the Company. Transfers and cost related to transportation to and from the departure airport are not included and are the responsibility of the winning Distributor.

•       All lodging is based on double occupancy. Grand Prize winners will share accommodations with their guest. First Prize winners may invite one (1) “Buy-In-Guest” if space is available. All “Buy-In-Guests” will be required to pay a buy-in fee. All Buy-In-Guests must be approved by the Company and are based on space and availability. Buy-in-Guest availability is not guaranteed and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

•       “Extend Your Trip option”- All winning Distributors must travel on the Company itinerary. However, VIP members may extend their trip and travel on their own itinerary using the Extend Your Trip option. Any VIPs electing the Extend Your Trip option are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including airport transfers and costs in the city of departure and the city of arrival, as well as hotel accommodations due to early arrivals/late departures. We will arrive in Prague, Czech Republic and depart from Budapest, Hungary. Distributors using the Extend Your Trip option will receive an airfare credit reimbursement. The Company will determine the amount of the airfare credit at a later date. To be eligible for the airfare credit, travel arrangements must be booked and received by the Company no later than June 26, 2015.

•       Winners must complete and sign an Acceptance and Release form releasing E. EXCEL from any liability before any prize can be awarded.

•       Any and all applicable federal, state and local income and/or other taxes are the sole responsibility of the winning Distributor,

•       By accepting the prize, the winning Distributor consents to the use of his or her name, photograph and other likeness for the purposes of advertising and promotion on behalf of the Company without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.

•       This incentive trip does qualify as an Ambassador Trip for the year 2015.

•       The Company reserves the right to change and/or amend the Rules and Regulations of this incentive trip at any time. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Company is final.

•       The Company is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of the promotion or in the announcement of the prize.

•       By participating in this contest, participants agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of The Heart of Europe! 2015 Travel Incentive Contest and by the decisions of E. EXCEL.

•       E. EXCEL uses a portion of the 3% Promotional Fund to sponsor this contest and its related prizes.