Nutritional Immunology advocates the use of nutrients found in whole plant foods to support the immune system. The wholefood products we create are made from the highest quality ingredients, use the best manufacturing processes available, and are held to the strictest quality standards. Our dedicated team of scientists and researchers carefully research each formulation including our Signature Beverages that exemplify the quality we strive for at E. EXCEL.


E. EXCEL’s newest improvement to our Signature Products line houses our most popular drink in revolutionary packaging. Now you can find Millennium and Millennium Red in convenient 6.8 fluid ounce cartons. By packaging award winning Millennium in these cartons, we have guaranteed freshness and convenience. You’ll only need to open one carton at a time and can take some of your favorite product to the office, school, or when traveling. With two options to choose from, you won’t have any problem finding the Millennium that’s right for you and your family.




Millennium combines handpicked, cold pressed, and filtered prickly pear cactus with the sweetness of royal jelly and wild honey to provide you with delicious cactus nectar.




Millennium® Red

Safe for those with bee and honey allergies, Millennium Red is also safe for sugar-conscious consumers. This delicious cactus nectar is sweetened with sorbitol.




NEW! Millennium® Powdered Beverage

Millennium Powdered Beverage offers you everything you love about Millennium and Millennium Red in a convenient powdered form! Sweetened without royal jelly or honey, Millennium gets its fantastic sweet taste from zero-calorie stevia! Because we use stevia, Millennium Powdered Beverage is an excellent choice for those limiting their sugar intake.




NEW! Millennium Powdered Beverage – Gold Edition

E. EXCEL’s new Millennium Powdered Beverage Gold Edition is another amazing formulation. This delicious powdered beverage contains cordyceps mycelium and is sweetened with stevia. Safe for those with allergies to bee products, or who need to restrict sugar intake.




Newly reformulated! This delicious blend of whole plant foods like cactus, cordyceps mycelium, and ginseng, which contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides, is deliciously nourishing!