They'll Be Enjoying These Amazing Onboard Activities on their E. EXCEL Cruise! 

•    Indoor active space with circus, flying trapeze, bumper cars, 
and roller skating
•    360° views from North Star, 300 feet above sea level
•    40-foot-long surf simulator
•    Skydiving simulator
•    Rock climbing wall
•    State-of-the-art fitness center
•    Sports courts
•    Dance classes, wine tasting, cooking demonstrations, jewelry making, and much more!
•    Full-service Vitality Spa
•   State-of-the-art Fitness Center
•   220-foot outdoor, poolside movie screen
•   Adults-only Solarium pool, a glass-canopied retreat
•    Indoor pool with retractable roof
•    Whirlpools

Cruise Only Winners

Chunfai Poon, NY, USA
Chunxiao Dong, NY, USA
Cindy Li, NY, USA  
Cuiyun Wang, NC, USA
Danqing Chi, NY, USA
Fu R Dong, TN, USA
Hengwen Yang, NY, USA
Jenny Wong, NY, USA
Kee Chan, NY, USA
Kenny Chan, NY, USA       
Liufang Li, NY, USA
Mingxing Zhang, LA, USA
My Love 1314 Inc, NY, USA
Pun Chan, NY, USA
Qiuyan Zhou, PA, USA
Qunzhen Tang, NY, USA
Shingchun Cheng, NY, USA
Shui Chen, NY, USA
Wenting Song, ON, CAN
Xia Chen, NY, USA
Xiaobing Li, ON, CAN
Xiaoyan Zhang, NJ, USA
Xiuying Wu, NY, USA
Yaomei Liu, NY, USA
Yee Chou Pun Li, NY, USA
Ying Lee, BC, CAN
Ying Xue, ON, CAN
Yu Zheng, NY, USA
Yueqiu Yu, NY, USA
Zeenat Chagani, ON, CAN
Zhiwei Zheng, NY, USA

First Prize Winners

Alicia M Vidrih, ON, CAN
Anita Tsang, ON, CAN
Bin Wu, ON, CAN
Bizhen Huang, NY, USA
Chen Yang, ON, CAN
Cindy Lam, ON, CAN
Danyun Pan, GA, USA
Dong Kang, ON, CAN
Enjoy Health Life Centre Inc., ON, CAN
Esther Suiyi Chan, ON, CAN
Feifaye Xiao, ON, CAN
Fuichin Lew, NY, USA
Haiyan Wei, NY, USA
Healthy Beauty Inc., NY, USA
Heidi Wang, NY, USA
Helen Marinis, ON, CAN
Hong Chen, FL, USA
Hong Chen, ON, CAN
Hong Zhou, ON, CAN
Huifang Li, NY, USA
Irene Loo, BC, CAN
Jennifer Ching, ON, CAN
Jie Li, NY, USA
Jie Yao, ON, CAN
Jing Shi, ON, CAN
Jinyi Zhang, ON, CAN
Kim Kwan W Liew, NY, USA
Kokwai Cheong, NY, USA
Kulwinder Singh, ON, CAN
Li Li, NY, USA
Lifang Su, ON, CAN
Liping Huang, ON, CAN
Liqin Wang, NY, USA
Lixian Huang, NY, USA
Manqi Ye, ON, CAN
Mei Lu, ON, CAN
Mei Y Wang, VT, USA
Meihang Chow, ON, CAN
Meiqin Lin, NY, USA
Mo Hong, ON, CAN
Peipei Huang, NY, USA
Phoebe Pan, NY, USA
Qiuhua Lin, NY, USA
Raymond Yang, CA, USA
Shiutowe Chen, BC, CAN
SS Network Inc., NY. USA
Suli Wei, NY, USA
Whitney Quach, ON, CAN
Xiuqin Chen, NY, USA
Yan Lin, ON, CAN
Yanqin Yang, NY, USA
Yi Li, NY, USA
Yiqiu Li, ON, CAN
Yu Bai, ON, CAN
Yuping Yang, BC, CAN
Yupu Deng, ON, CAN

Grand Prize Winners

Aijuan Ren, BC, CAN
Chengwen Zheng, NY, USA
Danilo Manabat, BC, CAN
Dongmei Huang, BC, CAN
Hanbing Hong, ON, CAN
Hong Huang, NY, USA
Hua Zhou, BC, CAN
Jianghong Liu, TX, USA
Jing Liu, BC, CAN
Judy H Lam, ON, CAN
Liqiu Huang, ON, CAN
Liyun Yang, BC, CAN
Macwell Enterprises Inc, BC, CAN
Mayhealth Inc., ON, CAN
Mei Y Zheng, PA, USA
Mei Yu, ON, CAN
Meifang Li, NY, USA
Minqin Lin, MN, USA
Qianhe Qiao, ON, CAN
Renrong Peng, ON, CAN
Sainanli Lin, NY, USA
Sandy Yee, BC, CAN
Sarah Quach, ON, CAN
Suchun Wu, ON, CAN
Sylvia Dieulinh Phan, ON, CAN
Virginia Lao, ON, CAN
Xiaoxia Hou, BC, CAN
Xingdi Xu, ON, CAN
Yeelin Ho, BC, CAN
Yuemei Ouyang, ON, CAN
Yuhua Zhang, BC, CAN
Yun Liu, ON, CAN


Joel & Ilene Brown, DBA Personal Success

Junxia Ji & Yaping Guo, DBA Boya Hightech Naturepath Inc.

Jian Hua Niu & Dr. Liang Yu Huang

Lucy Lu & Zheng Jie Lu 

Ming Zhou Lum and Dr. Xiuguo Zhang

Ning Peng & Mou Zhang

Susan Chan & Tony Lau