"A Total Body Transformation"

Master Chu Bing Low

Lost:  16 pounds

Gained:  Total body transformation

"As a pharmacist, I really appreciate the high quality products that E. EXCEL offers.  There are many diet aids and diet fads out there, but as a healthcare professional, I know about all the ill effects that most diet aids and fads have.  1-SHAPE is the only safe, and effective product I chose to use because it is thoroughly researched and made from wholesome, nutritional plants.  I've had several personal trainers over the years, and each one stressed the importance of proper nutrition. I had the exercise portion locked down, working out 3 times a week with professional personal trainers, but I still wasn't losing the weight.  Why?   Because of my poor nutrition.  I couldn't control my diet.  It was only after I participated in the  1-SHAPE Challenge  last year that I achieved the weight loss I was desperately seeking.  I lost 14 pounds and dropped a few pant sizes.  More importantly, I kept the weight off since the challenge, because I continued to consume 1-SHAPE.  No yo-yo diet for me!

"After completing the 8 week challenge this year, I lost 16 more pounds, and again went a few pants sizes down!  What's even more impressive is thatI achieved these results despite having severely injured my ankle and was unable to be active for a few weeks during the challenge.  In fact, I am still losing weight as the days go by.  So for me, I am continuing the challenge!  I have undergone a total body transformation, losing fat and gaining muscle. I posted my pictures on Facebook and was surprised by all the feedback, comments and likes I have received!  One friend even commented that he hasn't seen me in a while and didn't even recognize my picture!  During the challenge, friends and co-workers were seeing the results of my weight loss, and asked what I was doing to get such great results.  I told them about my 1-SHAPE challenge, and had the opportunity to share about the effectiveness and benefits of 1-SHAPE and how amazing our company E. EXCEL is, and as a result, I was able to get a bunch of my friends and co-workers started on 1-SHAPE!

"I finally found the answer to my weight loss problems, 1-SHAPE1-SHAPE has helped me control how much I eat (I eat about 1/2 as much as I did before), and helped me make better food choices (eating more fruits and vegetables, and less meat).  I love sharing this amazing, healthy, safe and effective nutritional product with people I meet!"

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