"Do you think you can change your life completely—inside and out—in 8 weeks?"

"I don’t know when it started, but I found I didn’t want pictures taken of me anymore. I didn’t want to go to parties anymore. I couldn’t sleep at night, but it was hard to keep my eyes open during the day. I felt chest tightness and shortness of breath often, and I had bad headaches, like my head was going to explode. When I saw the swollen face in the mirror, I asked myself, “Is this me?” If somebody had asked me then, “Do you think you can change your life completely—inside and out—in 8 weeks?” I would certainly have answered, “That’s impossible!” I asked myself, “Will the rest of my life be like this forever?”

"That was me two years ago.

"Thanks to E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE™, in only 8 weeks, I lost 18 lbs. My waist went down 5 or 6 inches. After finishing the 1-SHAPE Challenge in 2014, I recognized 1-SHAPE’s benefits. I continued to take one packet daily to manage my weight. All of my problems—headaches, swelling, fatigue, chest tightness, and shortness of breath—had all gone during that 8-week 1-SHAPE Challenge!

"Six months ago, when speaking about weight loss, some audience members asked me, “If you stop using E. EXCEL products, will your weight come back?” This was a good question! I thought people who want to lose weight would be interested in the answer. So, I decided to test it on myself.

"First, I stopped using all of the products and ate as much as I wanted, but I only ate three meals a day. (I should explain that Chinese people often eat four meals a day, with the last being very late at night.) I gained four pounds in three months. Then, I started not only eating freely, but also eating four meals a day. In this three-month period, I gained 14 pounds! I was feeling very uncomfortable.

"But I’m a lucky person, because at that time E. EXCEL started a new 1-SHAPE Challenge for 2016. I stopped my test immediately and I registered to join the Challenge. My Uplines and Downlines all watched to see if I could lose weight again.

"And now my 8-week challenge is over, and my expectations have been achieved! I lost 13.5 pounds! My second weight loss experience proved again that E. EXCEL products are truly healthy, effective foods! 1-SHAPE is great! It shouldn’t be categorized as a weight loss product. It is an indispensable daily food supplement for people, especially middle-aged women like me, who struggle with weight loss!"

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