"I will continue my 1-SHAPE journey"

Distributor Hong Lu

Lost:  16 pounds

Gained:  Healthy lifestyle

"I participated in the 1-SHAPE Challenge last year (2015) and lost 14 pounds in 8 weeks. That was my first journey with 1-SHAPE. My goal at that time was to test E. EXCEL products. But after I finished the 8 week challenge last year, I didn’t continue to take 1-SHAPE, but I did gain confidence in E. EXCEL products. I continued to take E. EXCEL products - one Refresh every morning, one Nutricardiaevery evening. One of the benefit from E. EXCEL products was my blood sugar became normal. I have been labeled as "diabetic" for several years, and I was always cautious about my ice cream and chocolate intake. Once my blood sugar was normal and I knew I could lose weight with 1-SHAPE, however, I started to eat ice cream and chocolate again! Gradually I gained my weight back. Then, this April, I had an injury and stopped going to the gym, and consequently I gained all my weight back.

"I knew gaining weight back was my personal issue and not about E. EXCEL products. So, I decided to participate in this year's challenge again. I started my challenge this year on May 18, and after 8 weeks, my weight went down 16 pounds, and I lost 7 inches in my waist!

"I took 1-SHAPE three times a day:  30 minutes before breakfast (1-SHAPE), lunch (1-SHAPE Lite),  and dinner (1-SHAPE Lite), I also have a Nutricardia at 9:00 pm every night. I went to the gym 2- 3 times a week. I walked more than 10,000 steps every day, or biked for one and half hours. I will continue on my 1-SHAPE journey and keep my healthy lifestyle!"

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