"You will have unlimited energy and happiness!"

Zheng Jie (Jerry) Lu

Lost:  17 pounds

Gained:  Better health

"The middle-aged man with a beer belly has a feeling of accomplishment. It’s a symbol of success! But I want to tell everyone that health is the true symbol of success! Health is the first wealth of life; whoever is healthy has hope. Whoever has hope, owns everything! Health is your most important capital. It’s the foundation for a happy life. In a very short 8-weeks, I lost 17 pounds. My biggest experiences in the 1-SHAPE Challenge are:

  • It changed my shape.
  • I feel energized all day long.
  • I had plenty of nutrition to meet my daily needs.
  • It changed my life habits.

"The importance of being healthy is incomparable and irreplaceable. Don’t make business your exuse to neglect health. The key point is not what kind of work you do, it’s what kind of attitude you have about your health. 1-SHAPE helped me become healthier. With a healthy body as my foundation, I can work with energy and be high-spirited. You will have unlimited energy and happiness! Let’s do it! Taking 1-SHAPE and exercising is health - guaranteed!"

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