1-Shape Challenge 2019 Participate


It’s time to get ready for E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE Challenge 2019! Focusing on working hard to improve your healthy lifestyle, this year’s 1-SHAPE Challenge will be our most rewarding fitness contest yet.

Recruit and register your 1-SHAPE Challenge team, purchase enough 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite for each team member, earn points during the Challenge period, and win great E. EXCEL prizes together. Each person who completes their goals during the Challenge is guaranteed a prize—so everyone can be a winner!

The fitness portion of the 1-SHAPE Challenge runs from April 1 until May 31, 2019, but you can start earning points for the Challenge in March. Get ready to gather your team, set healthy lifestyle goals, and accumulate points!

Winners will be decided by who has earned the most points during the Challenge period. Individuals can earn points on their own, and teams will equally divide their points among each team member. That means that if a whole team has the highest points in the Challenge, each member will win a First Prize!


Tips for your story or video

  • Give one or two specific reasons why you’re excited to participate in the 1-SHAPE Challenge 2019.

  • Explain how you felt before and after the Challenge.

  • Be specific about what you did during the Challenge and how it helped you.

  • Mention people who supported you during the Challenge (spouse, children, friends).


Step 1 - Register Your Team

  1. Teams may have up to 3 members (plus an additional 2 if they join as new COE members in March).

  2. At least one member of a team must be an E. EXCEL Distributor. This is the perfect time to recruit and enroll new members to your team!

  3. Each participating team member must purchase two sets of either 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite (4 boxes total) and complete the registration form.

  4. Registration is available online. Each team leader must register their team:

    • Write down your team’s goal and reach it to earn points (minimum goal requirements may apply).

    • Submit before pictures of all team members to 1shape@eexcel.net to complete registration (with their full names and ages).

    • Registration closes on March 31, 2019.

  5. The Challenge lasts for 8 weeks, beginning on April 1 and ending on May 31, 2019.

Buy a 2-Month Supply of 1-SHAPE™ or 1-SHAPE Lite™ to Complete Your Registration

  1. Each participating team member must purchase two sets of either 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite (4 boxes total).

  2. 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite may be purchased in March for our Product of the Month promotion, available March 1 through March 31 while supplies last, transferrable as a set only.

  3. After registering for the challenge, each team member will receive a $10 gift certificate in April for future purchases (valid for 90 days).

Vegecolor banners3.jpg

Step 2 - Earn Points

  1. Purchase your 1-SHAPE Challenge supply and register online: 10 points per member.

  2. Add members to your team: 10 points per member.

  3. Reach your goal by the end of the Challenge: 55 points per member.

  4. Sign up a $330 COE member in March and add them to your 1-SHAPE Challenge team: 30 points per COE.

  5. Sign up a $330 COE member in April or May: 15 points per COE.

  6. Sign up a $1K COE member in March and add them to your 1-SHAPE Challenge team: 80 points per COE.

  7. Sign up a $1K COE member in April or May: 40 points per COE.

  8. Purchase a set of 2 Vegecolor by April 15: 15 points (Limit of 2 sets per team member).

  9. Points will be calculated after the Challenge ends on May 31. Teams will have their points divided equally between each member.

  10. All participants who meet their Challenge goals will receive a Glamour Lip Shine (random color)!

  11. Winners of our GRAND PRIZES will be announced early in June!

Step 3 - Win Prizes

  1. Take 1-SHAPE daily and consistently work on your goals to complete the Challenge!

  2. You’ll receive weekly encouragement throughout the Challenge period.

  3. Have fun! This Challenge is all about making healthy lifestyle choices and working to achieve your goals.

At the end of the Challenge, create a 30 to 60 second video describing your journey over the past two months and submit it to 1shape@eexcel.net by Friday, June 7. Everyone who completes the Challenge will receive a random color of our Glamour Lip Shine!