Beverages & Concentrates


E. EXCEL provides a variety of products so everyone can find something they love that supplies the nutrients they want and need. Our beverages and concentrates each offer a unique, special convenience that compliments your busy schedule.



ToCARESS™ combines six dark, rich berries for a wide variety of phytochemicals that help reduce oxidative stress for a more youthful appearance.* Since it’s convenient, delicious, and supports normal anti-inflammatory functions in the skin, you’ll look forward to taking toCaress every day!




Made with all-natural, extremely rare, botanical ingredients, such as Ashitaba and Kumazasa, Orchestra™ provides enormous benefits long into old age. Orchestra takes advantage of these plants in the eight flavors found in our variety pack. You get two of each flavor - Strawberry, Kumquat, Peach, Lime, Mixed Fruit, Jasmine, Peppermint and Cinnamon - in every box!




Triflora™ Jasmine

A warm, soothing tea blend with fragrant Jasmine flower, green tea leaves, ginseng, and chrysanthemum flower, Triflora™ Jasmine helps restore balance to the body. This low-carb, low-calorie herbal tea is made with young, green tea leaves which are prized for their delicacy and flavor.