No-cost tools free up your time to be more productive

Productivity goals are easiest to complete when you have the right tools for the right jobs. Being an E. EXCEL Distributor presents you with the opportunity to grow your own successful business, but requires a lot of hard work. To make your job easier take advantage of free tools that will help you stay organized and get started fast without a hefty investment.

Introducing Google Drive & Google Docs:

With nothing more than a Gmail address, you’ll be on your way to accomplishing your goals quickly and efficiently. Google Docs allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, forms, and so much more with just the computer you already have. Google Drive allows you to store them on the cloud with a free  15 GB allowance of storage across your Google accounts (Gmail, Drive, and G+ Photos). After installing the free desktop app you can drag and drop files to Google Drive for storage and accessibility from any other device!

Google Drive is compatible with any computer or tablet, android device, iPhone or iPad. With the Google Drive app you will have access to every file you’ve created or stored in your Google Drive account at just the touch of a button! Every computer or device you have will automatically sync to give you access to all your documents. Even when you’re away from home or your devices you can simply log in to your Google account via the web and access your content.

You’ll be able to create forms to send to your team, collect their responses in a spreadsheet, and analyze the data. You can store teaching materials and brochures on any device to quickly show and explain E. EXCEL products and the E. EXCEL opportunity. Need to enroll a new member and out of forms? Simply open the app on your phone and enter the information into a spreadsheet entry later. This absolutely free service will surely be useful when you’re trying to stay organized!

Working extra hard and need a bit more space? No problem! For just $1.99 a month you can upgrade to 100GB of storage across your Google accounts. For even more storage options, check out Google’s storage plans