E. EXCEL encourages the next generation of Nutritional Immunologists

E. EXCEL's mission is to spread the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology throughout the world. To do so we invest heartily in empowering our Distributors, researching the latest Nutritional Immunology advances, and encouraging the future of this spectacular field of study. The next generation of Nutritional Immunologist will be responsible for searching for more secrets locked within the fruits and vegetables we already love.

E. EXCEL founder Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has taken an active role in encouraging this study, so that the future of Nutritional Immunology will be bright. Dr. Chen and E. EXCEL International proudly endow The Jau-Fei Chen Scholarship & Research Endowment at Brigham Young University. After receiving her bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees from this celebrated university and then teaching there, Dr. Chen recognized the opportunity she had to encourage the next generation of scientists that would follow in her footsteps.

This scholarship assists students in the Microbiology Department who study Nutritional Immunology. Recipients of The Jau-Fei Chen Scholarship earn this prestigious award by maintaining an excellent academic record, are active in Nutritional Immunology research, and are committed to furthering the science. Take a moment to meet the recent recipients of the scholarship - the future of Nutritional Immunology!

Eugene Lee - Provo, UT

Receiving The Jau-Fei Chen Scholarship has meant that I am able to invest more time studying and preparing for the Medical College Admission Test and less time distracted by working. I chose to study microbiology and molecular biology because I enjoy learning about how the body functions. I plan on graduating in August 2015 and plan on starting medical school in 2016.

Spencer Hill - Mapleton, UT

I am very grateful to have received The Jau-Fei Chen Scholarship; the timing was a miracle for my family and I! Receiving the scholarship meant that I was able to focus directly on my studies and my new family. My wife and I had a little girl last year and the scholarship gave us security and financial stability. I have been able to focus on preparing for the Medical College Admission Test and applying to medical school while also taking a full load of classes.

I chose to study microbiology because bacteria have always fascinated me. Knowing that they help keep us alive, but can also harm us through infection keeps me on my toes! Microbiology has been a big part of modern medicine from finding antibiotics to how to sterilize medical equipment, and I wanted to be a part of that. I plan on becoming a medical doctor and I want to serve those in need. My background in microbiology will help me better understand drugs that are given to patients and how and what they are targeting.

Congratulations Eugene and Spencer! We wish you the best in your future careers and encourage you to share the science of Nutritional Immunology with the world!