Free tools for your productivity: Google Hangouts & Google Voice

One of the perks of being an E. EXCEL Distributor is meeting people from all over North America and growing lasting relationships. Even though this is a perk, sometimes it becomes hard to manage our busy lives as well as maintaining relationships with member of our teams that are far away geographically. We encourage all E. EXCEL Distributors to take advantage of technology to overcome these obstacles.

Google Hangouts is a free service that only requires you to have a Gmail account. This email address serves as your key to many fantastic features that are all free! Hangouts is compatible with any computer or tablet and Android and Apple devices. On any device you can use Hangouts for quick efficient instant messaging and texting. If you use Hangouts to text and IM a contact, both your instant messaging conversation and your text conversation will appear in one log. If you start a conversation on your desktop and need to head out, it’s not a problem! You can continue the same conversation via SMS and all messages are included in one history.

In addition to instant messaging and texting Google Hangouts works in conjunction with Google Voice to help protect your privacy and save you money. Google Voice allows each member to have an exclusive phone number that they can use to text, receive voicemails, and call from at any time. The fantastic thing about it is if you’re connected to Wi-Fi you can make calls using Google Voice that do not subtract from the monthly minutes associated with your cell phone plan. Having a Google Voice number also allows you to keep your personal cell number separate from your business number. When using Google Hangouts you can seamlessly switch texting and calling from your main cell number to your Google Voice number and multitask efficiently.

Think that’s all these two can offer? Think again! Included with the app on every platform is video chatting capabilities! You can add up to nine people to any video chat while using features that allow you to share your screen, share files, and work collaboratively. If you want more than nine people in on the conversation, you can broadcast the stream to additional users using the Hangouts On Air feature! You can use this service to discuss issues with multiple people in your network, saving you time, as well as displaying useful information on the screen. With capabilities to do all these things at a desktop computer or mobile device Google Hangouts should be part of your connectivity plan!