Power-Packed Business Training in Toronto and Vancouver

E. EXCEL Philippines Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda, E. EXCEL Marketing Director Luis Tirado, and Marketing Specialist Bill Fifield conducted eight hours of training in both Toronto and Vancouver November 22 – 24. Some Distributors traveled eight hours through blizzards to attend this extensive training. Jeruel traveled from the Philippines and spent nearly a month coaching, training, and working to build his own team here in North America.

]eruel told his amazing story, beginning as “the quietest in the class” to traveling all over the world sharing E. EXCEL. He dreamed of having a car and made that his first goal. He visited the car dealership often, caressing and smelling the new car he would earn. The salesman became so accustomed to his regular visits that he didn’t realize when Jeruel was finally ready to buy—another salesman got the commission.

After that, Jeruel realized that he needed bigger dreams—dreams bigger than himself—to continue overcoming his challenges and succeed with E. EXCEL. Because his mother had died when he was a teenager and his father was out of work, he decided his goal needed to be supporting his siblings’ education. When his youngest sister graduated from college, he gave her a car purchased with his E. EXCEL earnings.

Luis Tirado helped Distributors recognize the power in their own personal success stories. To be powerful and motivating, stories should have three elements—a “before,” some “adversity,” and an “after.” They need to be short and motivate people to action. “We are all paid storytellers,” said Luis. “Facts tell but stories sell.” We need stories about the products, stories about the richer life we enjoy because of E. EXCEL, and stories about the company and Dr. Chen. We also need stories that help us overcome objections.

Distributors have four sources of power that Bill Fifield discussed.

  1. Market Power—the needs in the marketplace that only E. EXCEL can fill, both health issues and financial needs.
  2. Capital Power—the advantage of being able to start with very little and create a large business.
  3. Company Power—with all the resources, products, and systems to run a business “for yourself, but not by yourself.”
  4. Personal Power— most important of all, Distributors have the ability to tell effective stories that motivate others to purchase and join the company.

By taking action, learning to tell powerful stories, and using the unique opportunity of E. EXCEL, you can create as large a business as your dreams and goals can imagine. All you need to do is open your mouth and share your stories. 

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