E. EXCEL Recognition – More than meets the eye

As an E. Exceller, your hard work pays off when you become your own boss, have the freedom to set your own working hours, and enjoy all the other rich rewards E. EXCEL has to offer. Your hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated either.

Distributors like you are rewarded and recognized for your hard work and dedication! All over North America rank advancements and other accomplishments are celebrated at special events that showcase your achievements. At every gathering E. Excellers have their moment to shine in the spotlight. Whether it’s on an incentive trip, at our annual convention, or a regional meeting, you’ll find E. Excellers being honored everywhere.

Rank advancements are commemmorated with custom tokens of appreciation and acknowledgement, and are an opportunity for each person advancing to be individually recognized. Rank Advancements are announced every month online as well, so it’s easier than ever to share your achievements on your favorite social media networks and inform friends and family of your success. Don’t forget to check every month to see who in your organization is climbing the achievement ladder and be sure to congratulate them.

The satisfaction you get from being honored for a job well done, or watching other team members receive well-deserved accolades is immeasurable. E. Excellers are encouraged to experience the magic that happens when we get together to celebrate those who are rocketing through E. EXCEL’s ranks.

Recognition celebrations often come with other perks. The chance to mix and mingle with other E. Excellers, E. EXCEL executives, corporate staff members, and special guests all make these festive celebrations worth attending. Bring your friends and family and watch them beam with pride as you are individually honored, receive your E. EXCEL gifts, and have your photo taken by E. EXCEL photographers. All of these keepsakes will help you remember your E. EXCEL journey and help fuel your future successes.

In addition to these events, E. EXCEL’s exclusive magazine Excelling also spotlights Distributors and their unique stories. Each edition is full of valuable information from other E. Excellers that can help you grow your business and inspire you to greater heights. Be inspired by the next issue of Exceling Magazine.

Recognition events are happening soon in Toronto on January 31 at the E. EXCEL Distributor Center in Richmond Hill, and New York on February 1 at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel. Please join us as we celebrate each other and E. EXCEL!

Ashton Levier