Learn new skills that will send you to the Heart of Europe

Today is your last chance to get 17 Bonus Share Points for the first six COE members that you’re the Referring Sponsor of! These bonus points can give you a boost that will land you on your way to the Heart of Europe with E. EXCEL, but you won’t make it there without a little hard work as well.

The Heart of Europe contest encourages you to Share, Build, and Grow for your chance to win the First Prize trip for one or the Grand Prize trip for two. Practicing these skills and putting them to use will win you the trip, but it will also teach you skills that will have your business growing for a lifetime. Take a look at the tips below on how you can Share, Build, and Grow your way to a successful business and unforgettable trip to Europe!

Share points are earned by recruiting new Club of Excellence (COE) members and helping them build their business. Try these tips to help meet your goals.

  • Set a weekly recruiting goal and be diligent about reaching it
  • Ensure that your new COE members are aware of the latest products and encourage them to meet the 100 CV monthly ordering goal by trying new things
  • Encourage your new COEs to set and reach recruiting goals, offer coaching and leadership to help them build their business

We want to give back to Distributors who build strong, self-sustaining businesses and who encourage this in their Downlines as well. Here are a few ways to increase your Monthly Personal Group Volume:

  • Try the latest E. EXCEL products like Essential Blend or Elemente Youth Rejuvenator so you are knowledgeable and can recommend new things to meet customer’s needs
  • Encourage your Downlines to also try the newest E. EXCEL products so they can offer more choices to their customers
  • Set an ordering increase goal for you and your team. Encourage everyone to meet this goal and coach others to achieve success

Grow points are awarded to Distributors who work hard to encourage their teams and help them grow their businesses. Look below to learn how you can do just that.

  • Check your records to see how many Qualified Masters were in your 1st Generation last year. Set a reasonable goal to increase that number for every month in 2015
  • Encourage your Downlines to achieve Master rank by helping them set goals and meet them
  • Outline a plan for yourself to achieve your next Master Rank, set reasonable goals and create an action plan to meet each one