E. Excellers Believe

If nothing else, 2015’s E. EXCEL Conference A Richer Life showcased the belief that E. Excellers have in themselves and in E. EXCEL. Our ‘fabulous five,’ as we called them, epitomized the range of E. Excellers from new arrivals to long-time friends who have firmly staked their hopes and dreams in themselves and the opportunities that E. EXCEL offers.

Gold Master, Ming Huang is one of the relatively new arrivals to E. EXCEL. He joined E. EXCEL late in 2013 and told the crowd, “I owned a prosperous franchise that I put my money, sweat, and dreams into—at least I thought I owned it. But it was taken away from me.” When he joined E. EXCEL, he realized that he could own his own E. EXCEL business, and no one would take it away from him. “Once again,” he stated, “I’m putting my efforts into my business, and this time, with E. EXCEL, I will reach my dreams!”

Pearl Master Tracy Lin from Flushing, NY, joined E. EXCEL just months before Ming in 2013. “I came to the United States looking for my piece of the American Dream,” she said, “but I worked so hard I forgot to live! Finding E. EXCEL was a wakeup call! E. Excellers showed me how I could work to live instead of live to work! I rediscovered my American Dream, and now, with E. EXCEL, I have a life, and my dreams are coming true!” Tracy is well on her way today, thanks to E. EXCEL!

In 2012, New Yorkers Lucy and Jerry Lu joined E. EXCEL and poured their energy into creating and growing their E. EXCEL business. One year later, they became E. EXCEL Jade Ambassadors! Lucy told the conference audience, “I know E. EXCEL makes dreams come true. I’ve met thousands of E. Excellers the world over who live their dreams every day. I’ve watched many in my own group reach for the stars, for their dreams, and achieve amazing success!”

Pearl Master Kit Mason from Crescent City, BC, said, “I thought my future was secure, until my health came under attack. It really is true that when you have your health, you have everything. E. EXCEL gave me back my health. More than that, it gave me a future! Now I know I’m not only going to survive, I will flourish with E. EXCEL!” Kit and her husband Dave joined E. EXCEL in 2011 and believe they will be with E. EXCEL for life!

Diamond Master Anna An from Flushing, NY, faced a serious situation when she joined E. EXCEL in 2010. “Five years ago, I was a financially secure, stay-at-home mom. When my husband died, the bottom fell out of my life—and so did my financial security. I knew E. EXCEL; I believed in E. EXCEL—and I believed in myself. My E. EXCEL friends supported me, encouraged me, and gave me hope. With E. EXCEL, I have my financial security now, but I’m not satisfied. I’m reaching for my dreams!” E. EXCEL became a lifeline for her, and now she is riding high on a wave of belief and dreams!

Jade Ambassador Lucy Lu summed up the fabulous five’s conference presentation with a powerful statement. “All you need is belief—in yourself, in your dream, and in E. EXCEL. Believe it! You can reach your dream!”

The excitement generated at this year’s conference continues to build across the continent. More and more E. Excellers are grasping the opportunities E. EXCEL provides and reaching for their dreams. The energy is building, and the wave of belief is bringing a richer life to those who dream!

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